The peace and love sticker mission is to Leave Joy In Our Path; That's it. It's not a business or a chairty. Just makin' more purple.

I’m dreaming bout a time
When everything feels just fine

Wanna give a blessing to everyone
I won’t rest until it’s done

I’ll send em out in my little small smiles
Just Teeny ounces of boost to soften their trials

I’ll float around on a puffy cloud
Dropping purple luv drops all around

I’ll find the meanie
Who’s an angel way inside
turn em into a sweetie
won’t let their light hide

My sparkles shower like purple raindrops;
Make all the parking meters turn into big Lollipops

Whoever catches my two finger peace sign ️
Magically becomes a friend of mine

We never ever run outta time
All day spreading golden sunshine

People feel like the angels above
Whenever We exchange big huge love

This is my rainbow colored wish
I know it all sounds very childish

So I just whisper it to a few
Ssshhh! it’s Inspired by my luv for all ‘a you.
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